School Representatives

NE GWiSE is a consortium of nine institutions with GWiSE affiliates or other women in science groups across New England. Current members are Boston CollegeBoston University,  Brandeis University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, including Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Northeastern University, and Tufts University, including Tufts University School of Medicine.

School Representatives are appointed to be the voice of their school to NE GWiSE. Find your student rep below!

Boston College: Recruiting!

Boston University: Abby Rendos

Abby is a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Material Science & Engineering Division at Boston University. This year, she is also BU’s GWISE Vice President and the President of BU’s Material Research Society Chapter. When she finds free time, she spends it doing yoga, baking, or exploring Boston.

Brandeis University: Juliet Bottorff

Juliet is a third year in the Neuroscience PhD program at Brandeis University, studying mechanisms of learning and stability in the brain. She was a D1 student athlete (XC/track) in undergrad, which has fully convinced her of the power of passion, teamwork, strong women, and mentorship, and she hopes to carry these things through every aspect of life: scientific, athletic, and otherwise.

Brown University: Sabina Stefan

Sabina is a 4th year doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering, studying blood flow in the brain through mathematical modeling and scientific experimentation. She’s interested in all types of science, which led her to explore Physics and Applied Mathematics during her undergraduate years. She followed this with a year of Bioinformatics, and is now researching the intersection of these disciplines in Biomedical Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys exploring museums, exercising, and being outdoors.

Dartmouth College: Rebecca Finger Higgens & Catalina Paula-Spatarelu

Rebecca’s bio is coming soon!

Catalina is a 3rd year PhD Candidate and Innovation Fellow at Dartmouth College. She works on designing nanotech-based solutions for image-guided drug delivery for head and neck tumors. Outside of the lab, she co-chairs a student association focused on grad students’ mental health (GrIND @ Thayer) and she is a strong advocate for self-care. She enjoys indie games, coffee or a good cider, and takes any opportunity to pet cute dogs or cats.

Harvard University: Aleyda M Trevino

Aleyda is a 4th year doctoral candidate in the Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, studying climate reconstructions and trees. She enjoys going back home to Mexico to hike and is interested in international women’s rights.

MIT: Molly Bird

Molly is a 5th year Biological Engineering PhD Candidate at MIT. She has been involved with NE GWiSE from the very beginning, helping organize and execute the Inaugural Retreat. This is her third year on the executive board. She is passionate about tackling many issues facing women in STEM, but in particular, she is passionate about facilitating change in the areas of sexual harassment, maternal leave and family support, and attrition rates in Higher Ed. She is also very involved in Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT).

Northeastern University: Shrav Kakarla

Shrav is a 4th year doctoral candidate at Northeastern; her research involves 3D printing of highly aligned collagen, with applications in collagenous structure repair (e.g. tendon damage, cornea replacement). Her favourite moments with NE GWiSE include the initial conceptional meetings which were charged with a sense of excitement and hearing Nina Dudnik energize the EBoard with a sense of mission. She feels that NE GWiSE is just getting started and is excited to be part of it!

Tufts University: Najah Walton & Alia Wulff

Najah is a 1st year Neuroscience PhD student at Tufts University-Boston. One of her goals as the New Schools Chair is to increase NE GWiSE involvement of those underrepresented in STEM. Through these efforts it is her hope that NE GWiSE will provide an inclusive and extensive network for women throughout as well as beyond their graduate education. Outside of studying and running experiments, Najah is involved in several on campus student groups and loves exploring the beauty of Boston.  Feel free to connect with her on linkedin!

Alia is a third year PhD candidate in the experimental psychology program at Tufts University, Medford campus. Alia studies eyewitness memory and attention, hoping to use the research to improve both theory and legal procedures for eyewitnesses. Two years ago, Alia helped establish the Tufts Medford branch of GWiSE and is excited to help expand gender diversity in STEM through the work done in NE GWiSE.

School Representation History

2018-2019 Reps

Kristina Wright (BC), Shen Ning (BU), Juliet Bottorff (Brandeis), Gina Vimbela & Sabina Stefan (Brown), Savanna Barnett & Catalina Paula-Spatarelu (Dartmouth), Aleyda Trevino (Harvard), Soley Olafsson (MIT), Theresa Davenport & Suprita Ganesh (Northeastern), Becca Davies & Pragya Singh (Tufts)

2017-2018 Reps

Hannah Chambles (BC), Sarabeth Buckley (BU), Danielle DiTirro & Lauren Tereshko (Brandeis), Sinda Fekir & Shayan Lameh (Brown), Meridith Joyce (Dartmouth), Jeanne  Gallée (Harvard), Katie Redfield Chan (MIT), Farimah Mapar (Northeastern), Siobhan McRee & Mandy Carey (Tufts)