NE GWiSE Virtual Series Keynote with Prasha Sarwate Dutra

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Building Inclusive Communities Seminar Series

New England GWiSE is excited to present the first seminar of the year in our virtual speaker series, “Building Inclusive Communities.” The series consists of one seminar & discussion per month, and will feature a selected guest speaker to discuss the roles that we can play on our campuses to make learning and research more inclusive for everyone.

Our first speaker of the series is Prasha Sarwate Dutra. The talk will be held on Thursday, September 24th, at 12:00 PM EST, and is free to register and attend. Prasha will speak for the first 30 minutes on how to use our STEM stories to advocate for change in our communities, followed by a discussion among attendees. A Zoom webinar registration link will be provided via email within a few days of the event.

About the Speaker

Prasha Sarwate Dutra (she/her/hers) moved to the US from India in 2012 to pursue her Masters in Mechanical Engineering. She has a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. She has been working in the manufacturing industry for the last 5 years and has been a manager for the last 2 years. In 2017, after working on an all female engineer team, Prasha wondered why no one was sharing the amazing stories of the women in STEM that surrounded her at work and in her personal life. As a result, she started Her STEM Story – a weekly podcast where she interviews women in STEM from around the world. In the last two years, she has interviewed 125 women in STEM, created a community of 10,000 women from around the world, and has given a recent TED talk on her work bringing women together. She loves podcasting, public speaking, coaching women in STEM & creating valuable content to empower women!

If you are interested in hearing more from Prasha ahead of the talk, here are some suggested episodes of Her STEM Story:

Ep 80- What Not To Do In Your STEM Careers

Ep 58 – A Biogeochemist and Founder of Queers in STEM

Ep 98 – How To Turn A Failure Into Massive Success

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